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Fundraising Program by WFDB to Help India Fight Corona

3 Reasons To Give

Corona Surge in India

India is experiencing a devastating Corona surge. The country cannot win the battle without international help.

Overwhelmed Health System

India’s health system is overwhelmed. Equipment, vaccinations and essential medicines are sorely lacking.

Show Your Support

We must support our Indian brothers. The WFDB is raising funds to buy much needed medications for Corona treatment.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB) has decided to take the lead in mobilizing the international diamond and jewelry industry to donate to help India win the battle against the Corona Virus. The fundraising campaign, organized in coordination with the leadership of the Bharat Diamond Bourse, will purchase essential medications and equipment that are desperately needed by hospitals in Surat and Mumbai. The WFDB, founded in 1947, is the association of the world’s major diamond bourses and the official organization of the international diamond trading sector. It currently has 29 member bourses located in major diamond centers throughout the world.

"The international diamond and jewelry industry is a close-knit community, actually a family. We cannot stand by without helping our Indian brothers and sisters."
Yoram Dvash - rc
Mr. Yoram Dvash
President, WFDB

We call upon the generosity of the diamond and jewelry industries to help the people of India through this devastating time.

Please choose your preferred method to donate, through PayPal, credit card or bank deposit.


Bank Details

Account name : WFDB Diamond Aid
Address : Pelikaanstraat 62 2018 Antwerp Belgium

Pelikaanstraat 70-76
2018 Antwerp/Belgium

Swifcode : ABNABE2A

IBAN : BE15 6744 0004 9630 (USD ACCOUNT)

Correspondent Bank : Bank of America : Swiftcode : BOFAUS3N

IBAN : BE26 6744 0004 9529 (EUR ACCOUNT)

We thank you for your kind support of this very important cause.

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